In early 2001, Pastor Steve Hafler and Pastor Joel Weaver were both involved in Bible study groups in the Nairobi area. Pastor Hafler desired to start a church in Nairobi and together with Pastor Weaver began to conduct a survey to determine where to start such a church plant. After conducting an extensive survey of churches in the Upper Hill/Dogoretti Corner area of Nairobi they determined there was a need for a church in that area.

Finding a place to meet was the biggest challenge but God lead in a very real way.  Through one contact in their Bible study the door was opened to talk with Mr. Massey-Bloomsfield who owned a small school on Elgeyo Marakwet Rd. He listened as the pastors explained their intentions to start a church. They wanted to rent some rooms if possible. Mr. Massey had never rented his school before but agreed to allow the church to be started in the nursery school side of his property. Another blessing was that he refused to charge any rent for the property.

In October of 2001, the church was formally constituted. So EBC began meeting on the veranda of Cavina School and met there for the next 4 years. Growth came quickly and the small veranda was soon outgrown. Benches and chairs were added outside the veranda but the conditions were not the best especially during the cold and rainy season so they began looking for another place.

In 2005, Pastor Hafler and his family moved to Zambia and Pastor Weaver continued with the leadership of the church. Later that year EBC moved 2km from Cavina to the present location on Kingara Rd. They purchased a 40’ X 40’ tent and enjoyed the extra space the tent afforded. They continued renting until August of 2011 when they were able to purchase the 1-acre property they had been meeting on for 6 years.