Therefore, preparing your minds. For action, and being sober minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” 

1 Peter 1:13

In troublesome times it is right and wise to make careful preparations if one is afforded the opportunity to do so. The believer however is called to give attention to the need for preparing the inner man to face trying times. It must not be said of the believer that they exerted more thinking and strategizing on stocking up on toilet paper and cereals for lockdown than they did on preparing their minds for the conduct their Lord is calling them to in this time.

Note that whereas our title today states, “Prepare your minds”, the text reads, “… preparing your minds…” The verb in 1:13 is not “prepare” rather the preparing called for here is to be understood as instrumental in obeying the primary imperative namely, “set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus.” This command will be our focus tomorrow. In our devotional today, we will focus on the accompanying condition, a call to a readiness of mind.

The mindset that 1 Peter 1:13 commends to us can be described as being alert, ready and serious. One lexicon describes the word translated as “serious in the HCSB and as “sober mindedness” in the ESV this way, “be free from every form of mental and spiritual ‘drunkenness’, from excess, passion, rashness, confusion, etc. be well-balanced, self-controlled…sober reasonableness” (BDAG). So the question is not so much, “Are you considering shopping for a lockdown”, rather its, are you being rash and being marked by excess? You cannot love others as you are called to in this time while being characterized by rashness. The question is not “are you allowed to rest or take in any entertainment” rather are you going about your “rest” with self control not being led by your passion. For those who are marked with a spiritual slothfulness and giving in to “acceptable fleshly passions” are not ready to resist the temptations that are sure to come.  

Peter gives us a good example of how our minds can be ready by referencing the importance of his readers’ “knowing”, 1 Peter 1:18, as the basis of their pursuit for holiness, 1:15. Peter lays out the greatness of their salvation by focusing on the preciousness of the blood that has saved them, 1:19. That awe, in their hearts and minds will encourage holiness in conduct. Their minds must know details about the sacrifice that ransomed them if their conduct will be holy. As has been said, right thinking leads to right living. 

So, even though it is sad that you missed out on your favorite ndengus when stocking up, let it not be said that you missed out on the opportunity to to “watch and pray, to memorize and meditate, to prepare your minds for action. For the unpreparedness evidenced in your pantry is not nearly as dangerous as the unpreparedness evidenced in your mind.


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